The CIMCO tools factory was born in the year 1827, in the German city of Remscheid, located in the center of the Ruhr region, an area with plenty of tradition in the European tool industry. This expertise in tool making allowed the Cimco brand to grow and expand its product range, based on the international recognition for the quality of its tools.

CIMCO has been manufacturing tools for more than 180 years, this expertise has lead them to continually evolve their manufacturing process,  both through the introduction of new technology's to production process and also though the development of their demanding quality assurance process, as such Cimco has became the leading manufacturer of insulated tools in the world. The factory Cimco own techniques developed for the production of electrical insulators, with the highest level of security, by testing, for example, treatment with isolating each tool is separated and is individually tested being immersed in water under a current of 10,000 V. Only after passing this test in isolation, and therefore be guaranteed the safety of the client, is that the tools are packed and shipped for distribution.

The Cimco brand presents a complete range of specialized tools for the electrical installer, sold only in hardware stores, in order to provide its customers with the expertise and counsel of qualified professionals.

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