Please read these terms of sale carefully. These terms and conditions apply to the use of any area of our website. By accessing this website you automatically agree to the terms and conditions set out below, even if you do not make a purchase. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, we would kindly ask you to leave our website. If you have any questions relating to these terms and conditions, please contact us using one of the options found in the Contacts page (colocar link).

In these Terms and Conditions, "we" or "duarteneves" means Duarte Neves, Lda,, "you" or "client"  means user or customer, and "website" means the website located at www.duarteneves.pt/com.




Registration is mandatory for all customers who wish to make a purchase though our website. By registering on our site you agree that all the personal Information you provided is true, current and accurate. The registration information will be sent to us for approval, our commercial team will analyze the request and define the terms and discounts to apply, afterwards the costumer will be informed of the registration result by email, if accepted the email will contain the login information of his new account.



All prices presented in our website are in Euro (€) currency. Those prices do not include the 23% VAT(value added tax) fee, since duarteneves does not sell directly to consumers, our sales policies are geared to BtB. 

All discounts are be calculated on the net value of products (Without VAT).


Product Images

Product images on our website are for illustrative purposes only; actual products may differ from such images.


Order Processing

Your order for products constitutes a contractual offer for goods and services. No contract will come into force between you and DuarteNeves unless and until we accept your order in accordance with the procedure detailed below. DuarteNeves reserves the right to reject any contractual offer by the client at any time.

After you confirm your order and complete payment, using  one of the payment methods available, we will send an order acknowledgment by Email. This Email does not constitute order acceptance, for it is merely intended to be used as confirmation (from DuarteNeves to you) that you have placed an order using our website. We consider that order acceptance and the completion of the contract between you and us, takes place on the dispatch of the products you have ordered.




Este contrato pode ser alterado se: 1.O cliente cancelar a sua encomenda; 2.Nós o informarmos que não podemos aceitar a sua encomenda, pois:

- A duarteneves se apercebeu que houve um erro de preço ou descrição num produto;

- The product you have ordered has been discontinued by the manufacturer and there is no direct replacement;

- We have been unable to obtain confirmation for your payment (if applicable).


Payment options

We can accept the following payment methods:

- Bank Wire Transfer (The buyer must support all bank fees);

- Payment by Multibanco (ATM) Reference code;

- 30 day Credit (only available to retailers with a +1 year account  and product stock, also needs confirmation by the Sales Manager).



Up to € 125,00 Net: Shipping fees will be charged to the invoice.
More than € 125,00 Net: Free Shipping to Continental Portugal.

Duarte Neves Lda. reserves the right to choose which courier to use for its deliveries. Should the buyer have another courier/shipping method preference, he must pay all relevant shipping fees. Urgent orders, or other non-specified situations, must be agreed upon before shipping occurs.


Delivery policy - Terms & Risks

Upon reception of a client's order note, Duarte Neves, Lda. will send though email the order's confirmation, well as an approximate delivery date, depending on the inventory levels. The usual delivery speed for addresses in Continental Portugal is 24 hours. However, since shipping is conducted by a third-party, we cannot guarantee delivery by the relevant date.

If the client's order is confirmed by us and payment is received until 15:00h, Duarteneves will ship the available items that same day. If the order/payment is received after 15:00h, the package will be shipped the next working day. Should the ordered items be out of stock, we will ship them as soon as they arrive in our warehouse.

If a delivery attempt is made by our delivery agents and a cost is incurred to us by a customer’s failure to arrange redelivery or collection of a package, then you accept that we may pass the delivery charge to you. Also if following a failed delivery, you ask us to cancel/refund the order, the costs incurred for the original delivery and return will not be refunded.

The merchandise, even if shipping fees are paid by duarteneves (if applicable) , will always travel at the risk of the buyer. When the client received the package, before signing the and accepting responsibility, he should always check the quantities and condition of the merchandise, any problems should be reported to the currier that made  the delivery. We will not accept any complaints about the quantity or condition of the packages when the buyer has not communicated those irregularities the courier (by writing them directly in the courier's delivery notes).


Reservation of property

Until the buyer has completely paid all the acquired merchandise, Duarte Neves, Lda. continues to hold property reserve over that same merchandise.

Should the buyer ignore the defined payment deadlines, any financial discount will be forfeit, and duarteneves also reserves the right to charge default interest payments as defined by law.


Product returns - Policy & Procedures

To request a Product return, the client should always designate which items he wishes to return, the number of the order/invoice and the reason of the return. We will not accept returned products that don't have prior written permission by Duarte Neves, Lda., and when authorized should always follow these requirements:

- Maximum period: 8 days after the invoice date;

- The client is responsible for the return's delivery and shipping fees;

- If duarteneves is at no fault for the product's return, we will depreciate the product's value in 20%. This value might be increased, depending on the product's condition upon arrival at our harewouse;

- We will not accept returns for merchandise that has been specifically imported for the costumer.

In any case, Duarte Neves, Lda. reserves the right not to accept a product return.


Repairs - Policies & Procedures

Should you need to repair a product that has been manufactured by a brand Duarte Neves, Lda. is the official distributor, you can send us the product for technical analysis and repair estimate.

To analyze any damaged product we charge € 20,00 NET. The client will later be informed of the total cost to repair the product (parts and labor), and can decide if he wants to proceed with the repair. Should the client want the product repaired, the € 20,00 paid to have the product analyzed will be deducted from the final repair invoice.


General terms and Information

According to the terms of our Privacy Policy, we will process and store all your business information, supplied to us during the registration process, in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy. If you have any questions related to the privacy policy, please check the appropriate section of our website -Privacy Policy. (colocar link)

These Terms and Conditions do not not affect your rights under the Portuguese law. Should any of the provisions of these terms of sale be held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect, and such invalid or unenforceable provisions or portion thereof will be deemed omitted.

Duarteneves cannot be held responsible for any technical issues and any results sustained, including interruption of access, technical problems, reliability, inaccuracy, loss of information and hacking by external parties, you experience as a result of using the duarteneves.pt/com website. Please inform us of any problems, errors or omissions and we will endeavor to correct them as soon as is possible.


Liability and Legal Disputes

Our product's civil liability lasts until the end of the year the item was supplied, it's limit will be the price of the item that originated the claim.

These Terms and Conditions are governed in accordance with Portuguese law. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you fully accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Portugal. Should you wish to enter in a dispute with Duarte Neves, Lda., then all legal issues must be resolved in the judicial district of Lisbon.


Updates to Website and Terms&Conditions

Duarteneves reserves the right to change or remove this website or part thereof, either on a temporary or permanent basis, with or without notice to our users; we also reserve the right to alter the conditions of use and the terms of sale as we see fit. It is the responsibility of the user to check regularly to determine whether the Terms&Conditions have been changed. Your continued use of the website, or any part thereof, is confirmation by us that you have accepted any changes or alterations. If you do not agree to any of the changes enacted to the Terms&Conditions, then you must immediately stop using this Website.


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Temporary permission is granted to electronically copy, save and print portions of this web site for the sole purpose of placing an order with duarteneves.pt/com and searching or reselling products. You agree not to otherwise reproduce, modify, copy or distribute, publish or use for other commercial purposes any of the materials or content on this website without our written permission.



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