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TAPETE AQUECIDO 17x17cm 6W IP67 230V


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HEATING MAT 17x17cm 6W IP67 230V

ThermoLux heating mats are made of water-proof and rot-proof materials, areabsolutely watertight, and can be used without any danger in freshwater. They offer maximum safety due to the built-in, full-surface protective conductor. Alwaysremove the plug from the power socket before cleaning the mat or working on the aquarium, to prevent danger of electric shocks. The mats are connected by means of the plug direct to the 230V power supply, and at an ambient temperature of 20°C, and without a cover, reach a maximum surface temperature of approx. 42 °C. The heating of the mat depends how ever on the under surface, the ambient temperature and the amount of substrate to be heated (sand, mulch, water etc.) and can take from several hours to days. When used without temperature limitation, take care to avoid overheating of the ThermoLux heating mat, since the mat can reach a temperature of over 100°C if placed between dry substrates!

Use as an underlay for plants
Place the mat on a windowsill or direct in a hydro-culture vessel or seeding tray. Water regularly in order to avoid a build-up of heatand the drying-out of the substrate (earth, hydro-culture). The temperature of the soildepends on the volume of the vessel/trayand the surrounding temperature.

Safety instructions:
Please note the specific usage instructions on the mat and the packaging.
For Use in freshwater/saltwater read the operating instructions before.
Ensure that the cable does not become trapped or disconnected.
Do not use the mat any longer if it or the cable are damaged!

Technical Data
Other Article-No. dimensions rating / supply voltage

461265 170 x 170 mm 6 Watt / 230 Volt
462265 115 x 550 mm 10 Watt / 230 Volt
463265 250 x 350 mm 15 Watt / 230 Volt
464265 300 x 500 mm 30 Watt / 230 Volt
465265 300 x 700 mm 35 Watt / 230 Volt
466265 450 x 650 mm 40 Watt / 230 Volt


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TAPETE AQUECIDO 17x17cm 6W IP67 230V

TAPETE AQUECIDO 17x17cm 6W IP67 230V

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