Founded in 1953 in Germany, Bauser is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of electronic and electromechanical products. Bauser developed the first hour-counter and has become a specialist and market leader with the largest electromechanical program in the world, it's currently being distributed in more than 50 countries.

Its factory, located near Stuttgart, has ISO certification, and Bauser's products range from digital controllers, based on the most recent technologies advances in Ethernet, GSM / GPRS or wireless digital controllers, to hour or impulse counters, digital or analog, through multifunction panels and battery and time indicators. Its entire product range is modular, so the client can customize the device to its own specifications.

download Time/Pulse counters + Modules + TimeSwithches
Time/Pulse counters + Modules + TimeSwithches
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Battery controllers
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Easy control presentation
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Easy control
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Easy control 2
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Traditionally inovatice
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General range of products
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Instruments bauser