Lena Lighting S.A. is a Polish company, created in 1989, and is a manufacturer of Luminaries, Plafonds, Industrial lighting, LED worklights and Floodlights. The Lena Lighting R&D department deals with construction and design of new and innovative products, making use of state-of-the-art global solutions in LED technology and technical solutions in the field of lighting control. They offer a comprehensive range of architectural, Industrial  and road lighting, as well as a wide array of workplace and toolbox lighting.


Their great catalogue carries solutions for all needs, from home, to business, from industrial to workplace, it's luminaries are at the forefront of innovation, with its wide range of LED Go! products, carefully crafted for great savings and an extended 5 year quality guarantee. All of Lena's products comply with the international certification standards that guarantee high efficiency, long life of the product and energy saving.

download Lena-Lighting-Light-Design
Lena Lighting Light Design
download lena_tecnica_2018-2019
Lena Tecnica 2018-2019
download lena_LEDGO2018
Lena LED GO 2018
download lena_auto_2018-2019
Lena Automotive Lighting
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Lena Portátil Obras